“Lydia was the first teacher to help me connect the dots between mega flexibility and over activation within my nervous system. I took some classes with her on the tensegrity series and the practice felt like a tune up and a warm hug: grounding, insulating, and nourishing. Lydia's knowledge about anatomy and her insights into ways we can experientially deepen into our body through curiosity and listening are super helpful - it led me to a stronger awareness of my joint space and connected me more clearly to some of the "noise" my body was producing in motion. One of the things I value most about this practice is how it highlights the relationship between ease of movement, strength, and tensional balance in the body in a way that benefits my whole posture practice as well as other disciplines of movement and physical activity that I take.” 

Jade Ponech Yoga Teacher  


“When I reflect on what I am loving about Lydia and her classes ...

~ the playfulness she is drawing out of me

~the strength and the stability cueing she gives - soooo good!

~the creativity, oh my endless creativity! 

~her ability to help me find my body with the forms she chooses, with the language she uses, with the suggestions/prompts

~her intentionality in the sequences

~her awareness of her own body, and with that, helping me become more aware of my body (coregulation) 

~her laugh

~her curiosity

~her wisdom

~the fact bath after 3 weeks of practicing I am trying arm balances I never would have before! 

~the fact that off the mat I am more aware of my body, and can contract and engage better my musculature doing other physical pursuits, AND I feel inspired in asana

~I am feeling like a badass! 

She is a gift beyond all measure. 

I thank my lucky stars for her and her presence in this world.” 

Dana Powell 500 E-RYT, Pain Care Aware Teacher, Physical Therapist


“Lydia has a real knack for creating refreshing  and novel sequences which address so many aspects of one’s essence.” 

- Bev Hughes Rowely